How to use a compound bow?

A compound bow is a very valuable asset when archers go out to hunt because it enables them to shoot multiple arrows in a small amount of time, relatively speaking. Also, the effort taken to aim and shoot is less every time as compared to other kinds of arrows available in the market. You can therefore make very good use of this kind of a bow as it will save you from getting tired of the effort sooner. This means that you can shoot at a lot many targets using an energy-saving compound bow instead of using any other kind of a bow.

Step by Step Guide

Step-1: Read the manual

The first step is to make sure you read the user manual from start to end because every product has a unique style and built and there is no better way to know how to use a product you have purchased than reading the instruction manual that comes with it. Now since most of the compound bows come pre-assembled, so our focus would be on how to start using the bow right after having unpacked it.

Step-2: Attach arrow backend to bow grip fingers

Take the arrow you want to shoot and place its backend into the grip fingers attached to the string of the bow.

Step-3: Attach the release mechanism

The next thing you have to do is attach the release mechanism to the bow so that the grip fingers let go of the arrow at the time when you have aimed at your target perfectly and want to shoot to kill.

Step-4: Pull the arrow and take aim

Done with attaching the release mechanism, you then have to use it to pull the arrow to the maximum possible extent and take aim of your target. Also, ensure that the arrow is pulled right until your jaw, because this position would suit you best as an archer to aim and shoot at the target.

Step-5: Take your time

When you have pulled the bow string to its capacity, relax yourself and take all the time you need to pull yourself together and focus all your attention on the target. If it is a deer you are aiming at, then be advised that deers are very sharp and vigilant and can sense danger instantly. If you are too quick in launching your arrow, your deer may cheat you at the every last moment and hence you may miss your target. Therefore, be composed and relaxed, take all the time in the world, and shoot only when you are very certain of a hit on your target!

Step-6: Shoot Gently

The last step is to shoot at the target very gently while ensuring that you do so instantly. This is because of the danger of the arrow jerking and hence straying form its intended path. So make sure that the release is as smooth and possible so that the arrow moves in the direction of the target instead of erring sideways.