Review-Genesis Bow

Genesis Bow , best compound bow

Genesis is another company that manufactures bows for archers and understands that the only way it can catch the attention of customers is by offering quality products to them which gain popularity through grapevine etc. because of the hype regarding the quality of their make.

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Key Features

Adjustable: The genesis bow is very much adjustable so that anyone can alter it for himself according to his arm’s length so that he can shoot very conveniently using the genesis bow.

Useful as a learner: This bow can be very useful if you intend to learn archery because it is super smooth to use and that means that you will have a lot of fun while using this bow to practice and perfect the art of archery!

Well Built: The genesis bow is very well built so you can rely on its structure when you are shooting, without having to worry yourself that it won’t be able to take the stress. Also, the strong built means that the bow will remain in your service for years to come, all hassle free as far as the main structure is concerned.

Comes with a range of colors: This bow has a range of colors in which it is available so if you are buying it for yourself, you can choose from a range of colors that are available and pick the one that appeals to your sense of aesthetics the most.

Easy to handle:The bow is very easy to handle so you can feel very much at ease while using this bow. You will not have to feel “afraid” when you take it in your hands and give it a shot because it is very easy to handle virtue of its design. So that is something which will appeal to you a lot whenever you use this bow for practicing or for real-time shooting.

Great looks: This bow also has some very cool looks and that would be definitely count as a plus point when you use it because this bow will not bore you with its dull looks. Also, overtime, with wear and tear, it will still be catchy and shiny to the eyes because of its appearance.

Good accuracy: The genesis bow also has a very good accuracy to offer to you, so if you are an expert archer and focus on accuracy when it comes to bows, you can be very hopeful that the genesis-bow will not disappoint you with its shooting prowess!

Pros and Cons


  • Adjustable
  • Useful for learners
  • Well built
  • Color range
  • Easy handling
  • Great looks
  • High accuracy


The genesis bow does not have an ideal sight so a generic sight purchased separately will help matters.

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Overall Review and Verdict

So overall, this seems to be a great bow for use especially by anyone who is still learning archery but also by expert archers. I think it would be a great bargain for an archer who practices archery regularly and wants to have a bow at his side that helps him out and makes his day when he is out to shoot some lovely deers in the jungle.