Review-Diamond Bowtech Infinite

Diamond by Bowtech Infinite Edge RH 5-70 big 1

Diamond Archery is a company that has been selling bows for a good time and it has expertise in manufacturing top quality bows which are a delight for the archers. So, you can be assured that the bows from Diamond Archery are made with a lot of care and attention by skilled craftsman who ensure that everything is perfect when they finish off with their work.

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Key Features

  • Price

The Diamond bow manufactured by Bowtech Infinite comes within an affordable price range. So, you may even have trouble finding another bow that matches the price to utility ratio of this bow anywhere else in the market! Plus, this bow is suited both for newbies who are learning archery as well as those who are seasoned players of the game.

  • Adaptability

The Diamond bow is also very much adaptable for anyone who tries it. If you use it for hunting animals, it will adapt to your style and physique so much so that you find it very smooth and user-friendly instead of being rigid and difficult to take hold of. The Diamond bow will make your hunting expedition an enjoying experience rather than spoiling your mood and ruining your day off! The Diamond bow has an adjustable draw length/weight which means that anyone of any age and height can use it very conveniently. Plus, the bow is very light weight so its weight would not hurt your attention when you are aiming at a deer to shoot it down.

  • Appealing to the looks

The Diamond bow is also appealing to the eye with its pink camo and the whole product itself looks very cool, especially for women interested in hunting, for whom pink is a hot-favorite color! Unquestionably this bow is made for women with the choice of color from the manufacturer to ensure that women who like to go hunting find this product to be very “familiar” with their tastes and their likes.

  • Pre-assembled

Furthermore, the Diamond Infinity bow comes preassembled for you so you do not have to spend time assembling it. Instead, that you are finally able to start using it for your hunting adventure. This should definitely be a time saver for you as you may get confused somewhere in the middle and not be able to assemble it properly which may then spoil your mood and even your plan of going into the jungle to hunt down a deer or two, right?

  • Everything shown in the picture

Another benefit of the Diamond bow is that if you buy it from amazon, you will be shipped EVERYTHING that is shown in the picture! No seller could get more truthful with selling a product than shipping everything that is being shown to you online over the internet in the image of the product! So, you can rest assured that you will receive ALL that is shown in the snap and also, shipping for this product comes absolutely free from amazon, so just place your order and forget, the product will reach you by itself.

Pros and Cons of Diamond by Bowtech Infinite


  • Low Price
  • Adaptability
  • Smooth
  • Consistent
  • Appealing to the sight
  • Pre-assembled
  • Comes with everything shown in the picture


The disadvantages of the Diamond Bowtech infinite include the fact that some customers were not happy with its sights.

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Overall Review and Verdict

All in all, I would say that this is a very useful bow that can be a source of delight for many archers who are always on the lookout for a quality product to help them shoot even better.