Review-Barnett Outdoors Youth Vortex Archery Bow

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Barnett Outdoors is a company that manufactures bows and that promises its customers that it will offer them the very best quality of bows. These bows will help them in their hunting expeditions and also serve them for a long time to come so you as a customer can therefore expect avery high quality in this particular bow from Barnett Outdoors.

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Key Features

High Quality: The Barnett Outdoors bow is a compound bow which is made of a very high quality and that is why it is so popular with a large number of archers who have bought and used it. The quality it has to offer outweighs the price tag that it comes against, so it is a very good investment that an archer can make for his benefit.

Flexible Length: The length of the bow is very easy to change to suit to you so that is definitely an advantage. Any of your family member interested in archery can use this bow by conveniently adjusting its length to suit his height and arm length.

Easily Adjustable Weights: The weights on the bow are also adjustable to keep them at the preferable limit and then use the bow with the adjusted weight.

More than what is claimed:The performance of the bow is more than what the company claims. It is said that the bow is a youth bow but it actually gives the performance of an adult bow! That’s absolutely brilliant, isn’t it? The bow therefore exceeds the expectations of customers by giving archers a higher performance than a Youth bow would and it will surely exceed yours too!

Aluminum Riser: The Youth bow also has an aluminum riser so that should help you pretty much when using this bow.

Perfect for first timers: This bow is excellent for first timers who wish to use it for their first ever shoot and are therefore still in the learning process in the art of archery.

High Definition Camo Finish: The Youth bow also has a high definition Camo finish that gives it a lot of shine and it therefore captures the attention of the onlookers immediately. The choice of colors is also very cool and therefore the bow has an excellent outer appearance virtue of that.

ATA/AMO Standards: The construction of the bow has been made in accordance with ATA/AMO standards so you can be sure of buying a high quality product when you pay the price of this Youth compound bow at the counter desk! This would counts a lot, especially for the seasoned archers who eagerly look out for the specs of the bow to ensure that it complies with these standards before they think seriously about going for its purchase.

Pros and Cons


  • High Quality
  • Flexible Length
  • Adjustable Weights
  • More than a Youth Bow
  • Aluminum Riser
  • Perfect fit for first timers
  • High Definition Camo Finish
  • ATA/AMO standards compliant


  • There may be some modifications that you may need to make to the bow if you would want your kids to use it.

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Overall Review and Verdict

I think with so much praise for this compound bow inbound from all directions, this youth bow should be a must have for all the serious archers! Much has already been said about it, I think it should be given a shot by the enthusiastic archers!