Benefits of a compound bow

Are you a fan of hunting? Do you also prefer to do it the classical way with bows and arrows instead of with bullets? Well, if that is the case then you would surely be looking out to make your purchase of a quality bow and arrows. So here are some benefits that you can get with using a compound bow for hunting:

  • A compound bow is designed such that it has pulleys at each of its two ends which have the function of bending the limbs of the bow.If you compare a compound bow with other kinds of bows such as a longbow, you would come to know that with the help of the pulley system, a compound bow is relatively more energy efficient as a result of the stiffness of its limbs.
  • Moreover, a compound bow is designed such that the pulleys help the archer gain mechanical advantage ultimately, according to the laws of physics, and therefore have to apply less effort each time he draws and shoots an arrow.
  • Also, the design the of a compound bow is such that it has a “draw-force-curve” which lets the archers keep the bow drawn at maximum limit for a longer duration than other bows would allow. This means that the archer can take his time and shoot only when he is sure that it would be a hit! So, a longer time lapse is also what a compound bow has to offer as it improves the accuracy of the arrows which are shot by the archer.
  • In addition to this, the limbs of compound bows are manufactured from composite materials. This means that they have the capacity to store higher amounts of energy relatively. This benefits the archer because this energy then allows the limbs to shoot the arrows at greater speeds than other types of bows would. So, the archer would have more chances of catching a deer he is after with the higher momentum that the arrows from the compound bow are released with and impact with the target.
  • The surrounding environment also has a minimal effect on a compound bow’s functioning as this category of bows keep working smoothly for as long as an archer would like to hunt. Factors such as high temperature or high humidity in a jungle for instance do not affect a compound bow’s accuracy in terms of the speed with which the arrows are thrown, so on and so forth, you can be sure of that.
  • Another thing about compound bows which may interest you is that the pulley system of a compound bow also has what are known as “draw stops” which have the function of stopping the bow string at the maximum draw length. Virtue of these draw stops, the archer knows when he is at maximum draw so that he can focus on releasing the arrow next after the target is in sight. Also, these draw stops are adjustable so that archers of different height and physique can adjust them to a maximum draw length which they prefer for themselves and therefore aim and shoot at ease.