Best Compound Bows Reviews 2015 Guide

If you are a fan of archery then you would surely like to sort out the best equipment that you can get from the market so that low quality equipment is not a drawback when it comes to targeting and successfully hitting deers of your choice. To be able to get your hands on the highest quality equipment, you need to review a number of different archery related products so that you can know which company produces and offers for sale quality equipment and which does not. In this article, there are  five best compound bow reviews of different make and model so you can pick and choose from them if you are on the lookout for good bows for your shooting expedition.

Top 5 Compound Bows Comparison

From research on the different bows, I found that there are five bows that stand out from the rest and are quite popular with archers for their quality and craftsmanship. So, take some time out to focus on the features of each of these bows to have an idea about which is the better one in all of them. The decision of course is your own as to which bow you wish to go with because individual preferences of archers may also have a say in the choice of different bows. However, I will try to inform you about the features of each bow as much as I possibly can.

Best Compound BowsProduct DimensionsProduct WeightDetailed ReviewCustomer ReviewsCheck At Amazon
Diamond Bowtech InfiniteBest Compound bows34 x 12 x 3 inches3.2 poundsRead more12 customer reviews See At Amazon
Infinite Edge Bow PackageBest compound bow reviews34 x 12 x 3 inches3.2 poundsRead more53 customer reviewsSee At Amazon
Genesis Compound BowBest Compound bow hub-------7.2 ouncesRead more7 customer reviews See At Amazon
Barnett Outdoors Youth Vortex best reviews compound bow35.6 x 12.9 x 4.1 inches2.7 poundsRead more4 customer reviewsSee At Amazon
Diamond by Bowtech Compound Bow best bow34 x 12 x 3 inches3.2 poundsRead more27 customer reviewsSee At Amazon

Diamond by Bowtech Infinite Edge Mossy Oak Pink Camo

Diamond by Bowtech Infinite Edge RH 5-70 big 1

Diamond Archery is a popular company with archers which manufactures a lot of bows and has been making bows for a long time as well. Therefore, this company has gathered a lot of invaluable experience in producing archery equipment, particularly bows so that makes this company very popular with archers.

  • The Diamond bow by Bow tech infinite is very adaptable and can adjust conveniently to different archers and the bow is also designed for multiple users.
  • In addition to that, the diamond bow is appealing to the sight; you will definitely admire the make and color choice over the bow that makes it sound very pleasing to the eyes.
  • The Diamond bow also has a low price, so many archers who are looking to make some savings on their purchase would find this bow within their allocation for a bow. Many people would be happy to buy this bow if they are looking to make the transaction on a budget.
  •  This bow also comes pre assembled from the company so you do not have to worry about joining it properly and carefully so you can use it ASAP. This job is completed beforehand such that you simply unpack it and start using it right-away.
  • Everything that is shown in the picture would be sold to you and that is also very interesting because all expectations of the buyer would be met in that way.
  •  The bow also comes with accessories which can be quite useful for archers who may make very good use of them especially when they come for free with the bow.

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Infinite Edge Bow Package

Infinite Edge Bow , best compound bow

The Infinite edge bow is also manufactured by Diamond Archery and keeping in line with its ideology, it looks to be a high quality product as well.

  •  The Infinite Edge bow comes with lifetime warranty so that is one of the most important benefit it offers to potential buyers.
  • The bow is also very lightweight so that makes it ideal to carry, something that the archers would prefer when they are perspiring and exhausted.
  • Also, it is value for money because of its high performance and therefore many archers are of the opinion that money spent for it is money well spent.
  •  The small size of this bow is also an added advantage as it makes carrying it even more convenient.
  • The bow is very powerful, meaning that it can throw arrows at a very high distance in spite of being small in size relatively.
  •  The bow is very versatile in that it can easily be used by multiple archers of different ages as well as body structures.
  • Last but not the least; the infinite edge bow is also very easy to handle so that is surely very beneficial for newbies who may find handling bows difficult at first.

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Genesis Bow

Genesis Bow , best compound bow

The Genesis bow has been made by the Genesis Company which is another bow maker that many archers find interesting and worth their while.

  • The genesis bow from the genesis company is very useful for learners who want to have something very comfortable at their side to start learning the skills of archery.
  •  Also, the bow is very much adjustable so there must not be any problems whatsoever in altering its length so multiple archers can use it.
  • The other thing is that this bow is very well built which means it should serve you in the long term with minimal wear and tear.
  •  The genesis bow is also full of variety as this bow is sold in a number of different colors to suit the choices of different customers. So worry not if you don’t like one if its colors, just search a bit and select a color of your liking to go with.
  • This bow is very easy to handle without any hassle in between, so you as an archer can feel very relaxed using this bow to hunt, knowing that it is very easy-going.
  • The bow also features some great looks for the onlooker, especially for the archer who would be looking at it hundreds or rather thousands of times throughout its lifetime.

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 Barnett Outdoors Youth Vortex Archery Bow, Small

best compound bow, Barnett compound bow

Barnett Outdoors is an established company which has been selling archery equipment for more than fifty years, and that is why they have some of the top quality bows in the market to offer. You can be sure you are buying a quality bow when you choose to buy from Barnett Outdoors.

  • This Youth vortex bow from Barnett Outdoors is a very high quality compound bow that comes with a low cost as compared to the quality of service that it has to offer to the archer.
  • In addition, the Youth bow features a flexible length so that different archers can change it at will to suit themselves.
  •  The bow also has easily adjustable weights which means that you as an archer will not have trouble changing them; this is another cool feature of this best compound bow.
  •  The Youth bow is actually not a youth bow but it is more than that, it is an adult bow! Consult a seasoned archer and he would apprise you that the quality of this youth bow exceeds youth level.
  •  This compound bow from Barnett Outdoors also has an aluminum riser which can be very useful during the hunting expedition.
  •  Since it is a Youth bow, therefore, it is most suited to first time archers who are making their debut in archery.

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 Diamond ByBowtech Core 40-70 Right Hand Compound Bow

Diamond Compound Bow, Compound Bow

One more bow from Diamond Archery, the company actually has a huge variety of bows to offer for sale to customers who are always looking to newer and more effective bows to try to satiate their never ending desire for hunting, with better equipment than before!

  • This bow has a very good lb pull factor so if you are an archer, yow would appreciate that very well and also be happy to get your hands-on this bow and try it out!
  • This bow from Diamond Archery also features a very good draw length, meaning that the archers can shoot at full length that is up to their expectations.
  • Using this bow, the arrows are released very smoothly, which is very much necessary for shooting straight and therefore accurately.
  •  Accuracy is therefore part and parcel of this bow; you can get a lot of successful hits using this Diamond Bow tech from Diamond Archery.
  • The bow is also very light weight so it should be very convenient for the archer to carry around and not be bothered by it at all.
  •  The balance of this compound bow is also excellent which means that the archer can easily concentrate on his target and not have to adjust the balance time and again, which may lead to him losing his target even.
  •  This bow also comes with a full 30-daymoney back guarantee so you can be sure that it will work for you but if it still doesn’t, you get all of your money back and can buy some other bow of your choice with it!

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For the concluding remarks, I would say that I have put in a lot of effort to give you as a customer as much information as I could regarding the five different kinds of bows being sold by different companies. So, you can compare them as much as you want and then make a rational decision about which of the bows fits your requirements best and you would therefore like to go for. This best compound bow review however will enable you to make an informed decision for your purchase, that’s true.